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Performance advantages
Simple operation and easy maintenance.
Stainless steel hopper.
Motor protection device.
Material shortage alert.
LAL-300C/300CE attached to the air filter.
LAL-300CE with electronic detection, and directly installed in the feeding inlet of the injection molding machine.
LAL-400 containing a cloth filter, apply to the crushed material.
LAL-300 is equipped with Japanese pan high-speed rectifier motor, small size, light weight, strong suction, easy to install, suitable of new material conveyance.
LAL-400 is equipped with Induction high pressure fan with low noise, long service life, reverse cleaning device, suitable for handling of the crushed material.
ModelMotor typeMotor(Kg/hr)
 Conveying capacity(L)
 Reservoir volume(mm)
 Diameter(mm)HxWxD   Dimension(Kg)
LAL-300SCarbon brush1000W 1φ300638540*410*36011
LAL-300CECarbon brush1000W 1φ300638540*410*36012
LAL-400Induction750W 3φ4001038780*450*45026
Application in the plastics industry:
Such as injection molding, sheet extrusion, cable extrusion, PE blown film, granulation extrusion and other industries, it's simple composition: motor, electrical control, suction hopper, conveying pipe, filter, rack, etc., for multiple machines , Centralized raw material processing, closed transport and whole plant power delivery can be designed according to different production applications of different functional models.China Suction Machine suppliers

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