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Guolin manufactures ozone generator for flue gas denitrification with high quality and advanced generation technology. Oxidative denitrification enables customers to maximize the recovery of heat from burning flue gas. The value of heat recovery can offset some of the operating costs, while heat recovery improves fuel utilization, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces emissions.
Work Principle of Ozone Generator Used in Flue Gas Denitrification:
When the flue gas temperature reaches 100-200℃, ozone and catalytic oxidation device make low state nitrogen oxide in the flue gas which is insoluble in water to be oxidized into N2O5 which is soluble in water, and then nitrogen oxide will be adsorbed by alkaline washing process.
Low temperature denitrification process flow chart    
Technical Characteristics:
1.Works under the condition of 100-200℃ flue gas temperature without increasing flue gas temperature to achieve energy conservation.
2.Ozone is decomposed into oxygen without second pollution; do not use ammonia and other reducing agents to avoid ammonia escape problem.
3.Clearance rate is higher than 90% even if the NOx content and flue gas volume are not stable.
4.It is not influenced by dust in the flue gas. It can be combined with desulfurization to do integrated washing, while the heavy metal mercury could also be removed.
5.Denitrification system life time is designed with 15years without replacing catalyst.
Application Areas:  
Thermal power plant, power plant, coking plant, oil refinery, glass furnace, waste incineration plant.
Guolin 400kg/h Ozone Generator used in Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. for Flue Gas Denitrification Project
Recently, Guolin attended oil refining project of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited-----3.5 million/ year FRCC ozone generator integration system bid inviting item. Guolin won bidding of 400kg/h large ozone generator system based on advanced ozone technology and rich production experience.
After oil refining reformation project of inopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited, crude oil process capacity is increased into 16million ton/year. 3.5 million/ year FRCC of that needs to use 400kg/h ozone generator integration system.        
This system conforms to clean production principal with perfect environment protection device and meets discharge standard. Total ozone capacity of this system is 400kg/h, which is the largest scale ozone system and single ozone unit with largest capacity in domestic projects!
Application Site:
Quality Certificate:

Production Capacity:
General Assembly Department
General Assembly Department construction area is 14,112.00 square meters. We have senior technicians, mid-level technicians and other professional staff. Department is used for small, medium and large size ozone generator assembly, test of ozone generator properties and parameters and production of ozone dosing unit, nitrogen supplement and instrument air systems, ozone destructor system, cooling water system, etc. It is a large ozone system production base integrated all parts manufacturing which include production processes of enameling , polishing , assembly and testing. Annual production capacity is more than 5000 kg/h ozone equipments, and we can supply professional customized ozone generation system for domestic projects of water treatment, sewage treatment, reclaimed water treatment and chemical oxidation application.Flue Gas Treatment Ozone Generator factory
website: http://www.guolin-ozonegenerator.com/ozone-generator/flue-gas-treatment-ozone-generator/

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