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Our manufacturing machines are used to continuously inject rigid or flexible polyurethane foam products. Our company specializes in polyurethane products and related equipment. We provide one-stop and customized services, including polyurethane product customization, mold customization, machine customization and production line customization.
1. Hydraulic drive, smooth operation
2. Fuel tank temperature control system
3. Automatic filling equipment
4. PLC automatic control
5. With self-cleaning system
1. The imported components are used for metering pumps and electrical components, which greatly improves the operational reliability and service life of the equipment.
2. A new generation of programmable controllers with more comprehensive and practical functions, making machine operation more convenient
By Express1kg-50kg
By Air50kg-500kg
By Sea500kg or moreHigh Pressure Foam Machine manufacturers
website: http://www.machinepu.net/pu-machine/high-pressure-foam-machine/

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