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Our history and our factory
Our backpack factory is located in Quanzhou, China. In Hanyang, we design and manufacture customized bags with specific requirements.
We apply more than 10 years of manufacturing technology to your product. Once the characteristics and elements of the backpack have been decided, you will need to generate drawings for several aspects of packaging. We provide a wide variety of materials to choose from. Our design team will work with you or your team to select the perfect materials that best suit your product's application. Our employees can also help you choose materials and produce your products in the most cost-effective way.
Because of our experience, we can provide expert advice to help you create the ideal custom bag to protect your unique product.
In the price agreement with your account representative, the pre-production sample is approved for your development.
Quality and service are the core of what we do. Contact us today and let us help you maximize the potential of your product.
Whether you need hundreds or thousands of pieces, our sewing ability can meet your needs.
Read more about the business model of Hanyang bags.Outdoor Products Waterproof Backpack price
website: http://www.xmhanyangbags.com/

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