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Product Specification
Product Surface Treatment
In fact,there are many kinds of surface treatment here,and we will make the different surface treatment for our customers according to their requirements. The following pictures are showing 2 kinds of surface treatment, the first two pictures are the electroplating and the last 2 pictures are the electrocasting. They can make the plastic products surface very nice and shinny.
Alpine Advantage
ADVANCED FACILITIES: Equipped with the most advanced software for designing, analyzing and manufacturing, Imported a lot of sets high precision plastic moulding machines from German and Japan, including High Speed CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting Machine, and CMM Inspection Machines and so on
QUALITY AND PRICE: Guarantee the plastic housing molding with high quality but lowest price, punctual delivery as the primary business philosophy
VALUE SERVICE: We will provide added value service , to ensure the product's function and save cost,we can put forward many constructive suggestions in accordance with our customer's drawing files and the function of the customer requirements on OEM plastic silicone moulding.
Product Qualification
Alpine mold is verified by ISO9001:2015 and IGS in 2018 after we the strict inspection by the SGS third party.
FAQElectronic Parts Injection Molding manufacturers
website: http://www.alpinemold.com/plastic-injection-molding-parts/electronic-parts-injection-molding/

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