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Application: Vehicle Transmission System
Production process: Precision Die Forging
Material: 40Cr (or as per customer’s request)
QMS/Qualification: TS16949
Shifting rocker arm is used to perform the gear shifting function of the transmission components, the quality status directly affect the performance of the transmission.
The rocker arm body comprises upper and lower crossbars at different horizontal planes, and the upper crossbar and the lower crossbar are connected by inclined connecting rods. The upper crossbar is generally provided with a counterweight and a pin for connecting with the cable, the lower crossbar is provided with mounting holes for connection to the transmission shaft core. The shifting rocker arm with above structure maximizes the moment of the rocker arm in a limited space, the weight is added as well, so that the entire shifting process with the sense of lightness. It can also generate an inhalation feeling by the inertia generated by counterweight, increasing shift comfort and improving operator driving experienceHigh Quality Die Forging
website: http://www.castings-forging.com/die-forging/

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